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  • Morgan McLintic on PR
    One of my most talented work colleagues and foremost bloggers. Always worth reading.
  • Dennis Howlett
    His experience and knowledge demands respect. He's a chartered accountant who understands technology, business and the meda.
  • Technology PR
    Without doubt, the best rival CEO from the best rival firm
  • Teblog
    This is an excellent blog for anyone that wants to understand journalists and journalism. He doesn't say much, but what he does say is worth listening to.
  • PR Squared
    I have known Todd from before the dinosaurs. He understands it.
  • Clogger
    This is another blog from an intelligent, funny and experienced colleague.
  • Ian Lipner
    From the head of the Washington office - a witty, insightful and wide-ranging blog from someone I'm proud to call a colleague.
  • Andres Wittermann
    One of my oldest colleagues and partners shares his thoughts on the European PR industry.
  • Drew B's take on tech PR
    Another excellent blog from an excellent player.
  • The Wages of Spin - Starting out in PR
    This is a nice blog from someone starting out.

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June 24, 2005


Dennis Howlett

So the south of France (one presumes) doesn't do it 4 U? Me neither. I didn't know gunshots could sound 'gentle' - new adjective to apply...
Morecombe? Have you not heard of their internationally famous potted shrimps? Cholesterol city. Other than that, it's one of the bleakest places on the UK's north west coast...running Fleetwood a very close second.

Jacqui White

I say stand by your principles ... being part of the SABRE audience (but not - I might add - the bunny's informer) I quite enjoyed your enthusiastic performance - nice break from the parade of nine hundred and thirty three thousand recipients who mooched up onto stage and slunk straight off again. If only I'd had the chance to try it myself ...

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